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It’s time to apply for a school place for autumn 2023

It’s time to apply for a place at pre-school class and primary school for the 2023/2024 academic year. The application period is from 10 to 31 January 2023. It doesn’t matter when you apply during this period.

The time of your application will not influence your child’s placement, however, it is important that you make an application. You can make your application at any time during this period.

You must file an application during this period if your child:

  • is due to begin pre-school class in the 2023 autumn term;
  • attends a school which does not provide education for the child’s forthcoming academic year;
  • wishes to change schools, even though their current school provides education for the child’s forthcoming academic year.

When applying for a school place, you must state your preferred school. Admission will then be based on your preference, availability of school places and the current rules for admission.

Do as follows

Visit the municipality’s website at www.sollentuna.se/skolansokan The site provides important information on what steps to take, and a link to the online service.

To log in:
Log in using e-identification or BankID.
(More information about e-identification is available at www.e-legitimation.se)
One guardian may apply for a school place, but all guardians must accept the new school placement. In addition, both will be issued with ongoing information via e-mail or by correspondence to their registered addresses.

Schools in Sollentuna Municipality

There are both municipal and independent schools in Sollentuna. Information about the different schools is available at the municipality’s website: www.sollentuna.se
Regardless of the type of school you are applying to, the application must be made using the online service for applications on the municipality’s website.

Municipal schools

The Education Committee in Sollentuna Municipality is responsible for the municipal schools, and has adopted the regulations which apply to admission.

Independent schools

Independent schools have their own regulations for waiting lists and admission. Get in touch with the school in question before applying for a school place to find out about the rules in effect at that particular school. Remember that you must always register your application via the municipality’s online service.

Special profile classes

Some schools have special profiles for all or part of their programme. Specific rules apply for admission, for example, entrance tests. You can find these schools on the municipality’s website. If your child is accepted, you will receive notification from the school. Don’t forget to file your application via the online service.

Primary school for special-needs pupils

Applications regarding primary special-needs education and after-school activities are made directly to the school. For more information on primary schools for special-needs pupils, contact the Department of Support and Development at the Education Office on +46 (0)8-579 216 29. To find out more about primary education for special-needs pupils, visit www.sollentuna.se/grundsarskolaplats.

After-school activities

After-school activities are available to schoolchildren from pre-school class age to grade 6. You can apply for after-school activities at the same time as applying for a school place. Once you have logged into the online service and filed your application, you may apply for after-school activities for your child. These activities are subject to a fee, and a maximum rate applies. For more information, visit www.sollentuna.se/regler-och-avgifter
For the 2023 autumn term, your child will be granted a place on after-school activities no earlier than 1 August 2023.

What happens next?

At the end of the application period, the admittance procedure will start. You will receive notification in March/April (the exact date will be published at www.sollentuna.se). Allocation of places must be confirmed by all guardians. If you have made a compulsory school application for your child, the notification you receive must be signed and returned to the school. If you have applied for a school place for your child because you are moving into the municipality, or the child is changing schools, all of the child’s guardians must accept the placement via the municipality’s online service. Details of this will be provided with the notification.

Applying for mother-tongue education

You may apply for mother-tongue education for a child in grades 1–9 until 1 April 2023. In connection with your school application, you have the opportunity to apply for mother-tongue education. Application forms are also available at the Sollentuna Municipality website under “Forms – Mother Tongue”. It is the guardian who is responsible for applying for mother-tongue education.

A pupil will be approved for mother-tongue education if:

  • one or both of his/her parents have a native language other than Swedish;
  • the pupil has a basic grasp of the language in question;
  • the pupil uses the language for day-to-day social interaction;
  • there are a minimum of five pupils applying for education in this language within the municipality;
  • there is a suitable teacher available for the language in question.
  • Pupils belonging to one of Sweden’s national minorities have greater rights for participation in mother-tongue education. There is no basic knowledge required, and the language can be studied at beginner’s level. The national minority languages are Meänkieli, Finnish, Romani, Sami and Yiddish.

Children who are adopted are exempt from the condition that the language must be used for day-to-day social interaction. A basic grasp of the language is required.

Access to a computer

If you need access to a computer, you may use those provided at any library in the municipality.

For more information

To apply for a school place, visit www.sollentuna.se/skolansokan. You can also get in touch with our contact centre by emailing kontaktcenter@sollentuna.se, or calling +46 (0)8-579 210 00.